Hello, I'm Alisa Over-Strimling

Founder, owner-operator here at Alisa For Health, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Soul Awakening Facilitator, and Certified Massage Therapist. 

What's Holding You Back From Living the Life You Intended?


My Story

After many years of suffering from substance abuse; I realized in my recovery that I was living with so many limiting beliefs. I understand what it's like to have those feelings of "not good enough", "not worthy", and "unlovable" Maybe you're lacking confidence, experiencing feelings of remorse and shame... I hear you. I knew what it felt like to be unhappy, lonely, and afraid. I also know the joy, peace, confidence, and sincere happiness when I stepped into my healing journey to Get Fricken Happy. 


My journey began over 25 years ago when I stepped into alternative healing arts searching for an easier, softer way to face recovery and healing from trauma. It is with immense gratitude that I have been blessed with the amazing opportunities to assist thousands of people like myself; living in pain and self-doubt. My mentors have taught me that all change truly begins on the inside and I see this with my clients as well.


It's important to me to teach with a science-backed proven system so we are able to permanently change our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and emotional reactions quickly, easily and painlessly without ever going back into old patterns again. 


As we step into removing these blocks that we either generationally inherited or formed at a very early age; This practice frees us to realign and reconnect to the essence of our true selves. We are empowered to take back control of our lives, to live in balance and harmony, but most of all to be happy. I look forward to serving you on this path to living your best life and to assist you in Getin Fricken Happy too! 

Let me help you clear the path to your dreams!

Private 1-to-1 Sessions


Experience accelerated growth on all levels of body, mind and spirit with private one-to-one online sessions, from the comfort of your home.  I assist you step by step in quickly identifying and releasing your trapped emotions, self-sabotages and negative core beliefs, resulting in a sense of freedom and control in your life. You can have it all and the best part is you can be happy too! Empower yourself by realigning to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Start NOW to begin transforming your life to begin Experiencing the possibilities of a new happier you in just 6 weeks.”

Get Happy Now

Transformational Group Coaching


Join a small interactive and creative group of individuals that remotely share their insights and ideas to help them dive deep into identifying the causes that hold them back from healing. Group healings are less detailed in structure, yet they are very effective. The healing group sessions lift burden energy from everyone in the group listening and as I release emotions for one, it will release for everyone in the group in a personal way that is specific to them and how it will show up for them in their life. Experience feelings of wellness and happiness by releasing your subconscious blocks.

Experience a group healing session replay (here)

Get Happy Now

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