Fed up with boring sobriety?

My name is Alisa Over-Strimling and my life was a hot mess in sobriety?
I kept blaming myself and I was sick and tired of it!!!!
Wow, you name it, I got to experience evictions, loss of children due to addiction, roll-over accidents and even jail time for a felony due to drunken behavior.
So many drug tests and court appearances I can’t even count. Bad relationships, to say the least , horrible violent marriages(s), not one but many. Lost jobs and income, evictions, homelessness, couch suffering.
Yes, that was me, been there and I got to experience all of that and then some! Super not proud of any of this but I learned from all of these experiences and I can only hope when I share some my experiences with you that you can relate to me, what I have been through, so I can maybe help guide you with some shortcuts that I discovered which now has taken me over 30 + years to acquire the hard way.
However, through trial and error, it has allowed me a simple, effective, easy way to reprogram my mindset that is no longer serving me for my highest good.
Check out my webinar link here where I share with you my story, how I was able to turn my life around and live a happy sober life and how I can assist you in reprograming your mindset quickly, easily and pain free w/o having to bring up all that old past stuff that haunts you and is holding you back from living the life of your dreams like I was taught to do.
If you are willing and only if you are %100 committed to changing your life, click the link below to listen to my 30 minute video loaded with knowledge, inspiration and tools that helps explain how I energetically changed my life forever allowing me to be happy and addiction free while in addition helping you to gain the assistance your need through my signature program found nowhere else, “Keys to Emotional Freedom Technique.”


The Exact Technique I Used And Share Now With Thousand Of Client For Overcoming And Preventing Relapse, So You Can Get Your Life Back Without Losing More Wasted Time And Money
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