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Soul Awakening: 19 Powerful Methods to Use for self mindfulness

Oct 16, 2022


Cultivating a deeper connection to your soul can be just as much about what we don’t do as what we do. Our modern lives are often filled with noise, social obligations, and distractions that prevent us from being still, listening to our intuition, and taking the time to simply be.

If you’ve ever found yourself longing for more of a purposeful life (or perhaps something more than just existing), it’s likely because you feel the call of your soul. To answer this call — and not just ignore it — there are many easy methods to awaken your soul.

The amazing fact about the call is that they are self-energizing. It is a head-start to your inner self. When you found these cues give it your potential and unleash your mystery. Sometimes you may not really tell what method you should take, however, relax and visualize what your call is, then that's your edge-start method.

19 Powerful Methods to Use for Soul Awakening

Attend a Spiritual Retreat                                             

Sometimes your fatigue extends over the physical and mental realms and touches your soul. A spiritual retreat is a crucial component in revitalizing it.

Sadly, you may not always have the time or money to visit a spa. You can still unwind and refuel your spirituality by spending a peaceful weekend at home or in a hotel. Treat yourself to relaxing materials like books, music, incense, and other things.


I can't underemphasize this word. Just think of it this way - "When was the last time you spoke with your soul in a meaningful way?"

Note that a soft voice deep inside of you is frequently blocked by the overwhelming stress of daily life. Meditation quiets your mind, makes your heart more open, and serves as a reminder to "be still and know."

All you need is a private room or quiet area in your home. Relax in this holy place and practice being mindful of your breath. The soothing hum of your awakening soul will soon be audible to you.

Make Use of Your Faith

You simply need to ask to receive, regardless of whether you name it prayer, meditation, or affirmation. Ask for a soul awakening if you desire one. This is a common belief in some religious systems.

Asking activates the law of attraction, whether you are addressing a deity or the universe. If you send confidently into the Universe positive affirmations, you'll draw more favorable favors. Before you ask, you can't anticipate having your prayers answered.

Creative Activities

Doing something creative is one of the best methods you can do to awaken your soul because It makes use of the three facets of who you are: body, mind, and spirit. When these are in harmony, your inspiration and imagination have no bounds.

Creative work is anything you create for your own or other people's enjoyment. To make something lovely to appreciate and share, you don't have to become an accomplished artisan.

It may be something you specialized in, it could be writing, sporting, motivating people, or even marketing people's products or services.

Serving Others

Do you have a special talent or skill you could impart to someone? For others, even a few hours per week from you can make a difference. The best thing about volunteering is that both you and the people you help gain from it.

When you assist, inspire, and speak life to others, your soul is awakened. Even though spiritual awakening is incredibly personal, you can still give it as a gift. The best way is to give freely of your time and resources.


There is an innate connection between music and a person's capacity for fortitude. Indeed, the silver strand that establishes ties to the holy is found in the rhythm and rhyme of music.

Throughout history, it has transcended all racial, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. Every day, listen to music that speaks to your soul. You can sing, listen to music, or play an instrument to create it. Increase the intensity a little and dance to your favorite beats as you start to awaken.

Each Day, Learn Something New

Make it a habit to learn something new every day, such as a term, idea, or fact. There has never been a better opportunity to pursue your interests in learning a foreign language, playing an instrument, or studying art. You'll not only sharpen your mind, but your soul will also begin to awaken.

There is always more to learn, regardless of your background or age. Your brain yearns for a challenge, and boredom is your brain's worst enemy. Your spiritual light will wane if you are uninspired and have nothing to look forward to.

Visualization and Dreaming

Think about all the things that have been invented throughout history that began with a simple notion. You amplify your positive affirmations as you imagine the outcome you want. According to the law of attraction, you draw the same favorable outcomes that you have acknowledged.

Dreaming and visualization are forms of spiritual communication. These provide you with a glimpse into spiritual mysteries that lie beyond the spheres of the world. Your potential may be awakened via dreaming and imagination.


Enjoy Some Spontaneous Excitement

Choose exciting things that you love the most, for instance, buy a modeling board with your children to do something entertaining and out of the norm, buy a pet and retrain it, etc. Give it a try and see if it makes you grin and less serious about life all the time.

Doing something funny might arouse your soul to laugh and have joy. For your overall well-being, it would be beneficial if you had a balanced schedule of work and leisure. Being depressed is not one of the many solemn and sacred components of spirituality, even though there are many.

Keep a personal diary

What do you do that makes you keep a journal? Likewise, as your soul rises to higher consciousness, you can think about keeping a journal of your development.

Feel free to write down any ideas, emotions, or thoughts you may have. Some people enjoy adding motivational sayings, images, or artwork to their diaries.

Draw to each important thing as you stop along the way and keep it down as you see fit. This becomes your affirmation whenever you see them, hence it enhances your mindfulness.

Create a spiritual inventory

Are there attitudes and convictions you've disproven or that no longer serve you? What about the weights of the past, such as suffering, guilt, and bitterness? View the answers as a few things in the world that are static, including your spirit, which is constantly evolving.

These things act as weights that ensnare you in the gloomy depths of hopelessness and gloom. To recognize and then release these obstacles, think about doing an honest reflection or have it that anything that doesn't uplift your soul and improve you must go.

Daily gratitude practice

A fundamental human desire is to feel accepted, valued, and satisfied. You cannot purchase these with power or money since they are creations of your heart. Gratitude helps you create a sense of happiness in your soul.

Let me help with a few suggestions - You can keep a thankfulness list in your journal, which you can update as necessary. Make it a routine to express gratitude at the beginning of each day. Be thankful for everything you have and express gratitude to others when they do you a favor.

Engage Your Spirit Guides

Do you require aid in reawakening your soul? Before you were ever born, your kind spirit guides were familiar to you. They yearn to get back in touch with you and impart their vast wisdom and compassion.

They are considerate people who will never infiltrate your life without your permission. Receive them with open arms and experience calm and enlightenment you never believed were possible. You can communicate with ancestor spirits, angels, archangels, or ascended masters.

Your spirit guides are prepared for all of your inquiries and are patient with you. They will provide you with the resources you need because they have a stake in your soul's development. Once you've experienced their kind direction, you'll be well on your way. Click here for a spirit guide [Insert_service_page_link_in_the_hyperlink]


Spend Time in Nature

It serves as a very effective reminder that the natural and spiritual worlds are inextricably linked. So, taking in the beauty of nature is the best approach to awakening your soul.

The trees extend their palms upward in jubilation. As they soar with the invisible minds, pay attention to the birds singing. You become aware of your enduring connection to this magnificent earth every time you watch a sunrise.

Think about past-life regression

Some kinds of literature have it that until your soul achieves self-actualization, it will keep reincarnating. Additionally, they believe that you may still contain memories and energy from your previous life.

Some shamans and healers can assist you in retrieving former lives if these ideas strike a chord with you. You can also get help from your spirit guides to comprehend these memories better. You may find some historical material that is still important spiritually today. Find one here [insert_service_page_link_in_the_hyperlink]

Exercise (Dance, yoga, and Other Forms of Attention)

Moving mindfully is one approach to prime the body for expanded awareness. Beyond the many yoga modalities and mindful dance modalities, mindful movement classes of all kinds can help you delve deeper into underlying issues that are ingrained in your physical and energetic bodies as you progress past the basic need for the body to live and rid it of physical pollutants. It's crucial to understand how closely connected the two are.

Yoga is a fantastic way to move; it's not simply a regular workout. You can utilize it to release repressed emotions and connect with your body intelligence to a greater extent the more mindfulness and awareness you bring to it. As you progress through it, you won't be the same person you once were.

Unplug/Take a digital break

There has been a lot of screen time, especially considering that many of us have recently spent the better part of two years in and out of lockdowns and quarantines.

A digital break certainly sounds like a very good idea at this moment, whether you have been stuck to your laptop working, binge-watching Netflix series, or tuning into your favorite YouTube channel. Though, it doesn't advocate for total online abstinence.

To give your tired eyes and mind some much-needed respite from technology, think of it as substituting one bad habit with a healthy one.

Develop a Spiritual Practice

Start by posing these important questions to yourself if you're trying to figure out how to incorporate a spiritual practice into your everyday life. This will help you understand what to do and where to start. These are

  • How much time am I prepared to commit? Daily, weekly, etc. How much time am I now able to commit? A daily hour? How frequently can I participate? Daily? Weekly?
  • Why do I want to start a spiritual practice? What are your intentions and goals? Do you desire a closer relationship with God? Do you desire a more balanced lifestyle? improving your intuition?
  • What kind of day do I want to have? Do you desire a spiritual ritual to finish your day? Are you a night or evening person? Later in the day, do you feel more awake and alert?
  • How should I begin my day? Do you wish to begin your day with a divine ceremony? Do you prefer the mornings? Are you more awake and aware in the morning?
  • What am I eager to investigate? Are you open to participating in other spiritual rituals? What makes you feel the most at ease? What do you naturally do?

Diet Selection

On the spiritual path, nothing is left out, dietary changes frequently occur when people become more conscious of their bodies because food is one of the most fundamental components of the body.

Note that you should seek the advice of a health professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist if you need to make dietary adjustments because there is no such thing as a "spiritual diet" to pursue.

Health practitioners don't need to have any spiritual knowledge to assist you in developing a healthier diet for yourself. It is simply eating for nourishment.


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