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I promise it is possible to have an abundance of happiness and you are worthy of experiencing more joy, peace and aliveness in all areas of your life.

Ready to let go of emotional baggage that weighs you down quickly and easily?


You can transform your life by changing your subconscious beliefs at a cellular level that are self-limiting, and self-sabotaging in a simple yet powerful process.

At Alisa for Health, I lovingly guide you through releasing this old programming that no longer serves you in a safe non-evasive way. This interactive process of change has a science-backed proven record of over 30 years as researched by well-known scientists such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton.

I support and assist you in letting go of not only old belief patterns, but those also that were passed down to you through inheritance, aiding you in alleviating physical discomforts, easing emotional wounds and restoring love to relationships.

Alisa For Health



Hi, I'm Alisa Over-Strimling

An Alternative health/wellness coach and energy healer who empowers and guides women in recovery from self-destructive behaviors to release traumas, negative self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and stuck emotions from their conscious and subconscious minds, freeing them to experience more physical health, happiness, joy, peace and confidence in all areas of their lives in just a few short weeks.

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Alisa For Health
Kim Baldwin

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Alisa Overstrimling.

For the past four years, I have had the privilege of working seven days per week alongside Alisa at numerous health and wellness resort spas.

During that time, Alisa impressed me immensely with her innate ability in Energy Healing and Bodywork Therapy.

Her great strengths include the following:

* Impressive work ethics

* Compassion, care, and understanding

* Exceptional rapport and great insight into clients' needs

* Strong focus on safety and security with clients

* Resilience and ability to cope with traumas in a way that brings awareness, healing, and help to others

Given the depth of her experiences, capabilities, and knowledge of healing energy and bodyworks - and its important need in today’s society - I highly recommend Alisa, and her skills, to anyone who is looking for a determined, caring, and balanced healer.

With Alisa’s great passion to promote peace, healing, and understanding, any client would feel safe in her hands.


Kim Baldwin, CMT

- Kim Baldwin

I have known Alisa Over-Strimling for 20+ years. Alisa has many certifications and titles but she is so much more than that. She is an amazing woman who has the intelligence, integrity, and compassion to mentor many people. She’s one of my closest friends and I definitely trust her with my life.

 She knows what it’s like to fall on hard times so as a result, she has a heart filled with a willingness to help others. Alisa is a beautiful person and I’m blessed for not only knowing her, but to have her in my life as well. 

Sincerely, Pamela Gray

- Pamala Fulton-Gray

I want to thank you again for the healing session. I am still processing but I can feel a deep shift the biggest difference is in how I talk to myself. Monday afternoon I actually, without thinking, called myself my love. Now I call my granddaughters that all the time but never myself. It took a second and I realized that I was talking to myself That may seem small and insignificant but it has been so long since I had anything nice to say to myself.

- Rita Galvin
Life is as good as your mindset

"Energetic Keys to Freedom Technique"

Signature Program


Private 1-to-1 Sessions


Experience accelerated growth on all levels of body, mind and spirit with private one-to-one online sessions, from the comfort of your home.  I assist you to step by step in quickly identifying and releasing your trapped emotions, self-sabotages and negative core beliefs, resulting in a sense of freedom and control in your life. You can have it all and the best part is you can be happy too! Empower yourself by realigning to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Start NOW to begin transforming your life to begin experiencing the possibilities of a new happier you in just a few short weeks.

Be Happy Now

Transformational Group Coaching


Join a small interactive and creative group of individuals that remotely share their insights and ideas to help them dive deep into identifying the causes that hold them back from healing. Group healings are less detailed in structure, yet they are very effective. The healing group sessions lift burden energy from everyone in the group listening and as I release emotions for one, it will release for everyone in the group in a personal way that is specific to them and how it will show up for them in their life. Experience feelings of wellness and happiness by releasing your subconscious blocks.

Experience a group healing session replay (here)

Discovery Call
Group Coaching



Ready to change your life?

I am so excited to announce my soon-to-be-available interactive step-by-step online course that will give you the knowledge in just 6 short weeks so you will be able to:

· Balance your circuits to maintain a consistent energy flow throughout your body

· Learn 3 different methods to access your own subconscious (You no longer need to guess what your body is trying to tell you or what your programming is.)

· Find and release your own negative blocks that were either genetically passed down to you or beliefs that no longer serve you.

· Experience emotional clearing meditations

Coming soon (Sign up to be notified of release date)

Join our waitlist for my self-empowering digital course to help you learn how to realign your beliefs to improve your life 

Get Fricken Happy
Discovery Call
Discovery Call

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